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[ Date | 2012-04-06 00:39 -0400 ]
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I wondered when I took pictures. Now, thanks to the magic of computer-aided data analysis, I know!

At what time of the day do I take pictures?

graph by time of day

I take the largest number of pictures at noon, there's another spike at about 4 pm, and a small bump at about 9 am, presumably when I'm on the way to my daily activities.

graph by time of day, weekends only

On weekends, there is no 9 am bump, and picture-taking appears to happen mostly in a narrow noon—6 pm period.

This graph, as well as the rest of this page, is based on the pictures I took in 2010 and 2011, excluding those made with analogue cameras, for which I have no accurate timestamps. Also, all I talk about here is keepers: most of the pictures I take are deleted on sight. Estimating how many could be the subject of another article.

On what day of the week do I take pictures?

graph by day of week

I take the most pictures on Saturdays. Outside of weekends, I take the most pictures, by far, on Thursdays (nearly 40% more than on the next leading weekday, which is Wednesday). I assume that is because most group social activities are organized on Thursdays, but I did not attempt to thoroughly verify this.

What kind of camera do I use?

graph by month and type of camera

On the whole, I seem to be using SLRs more and more since late 2010. The large drop of popularity of SLRs in favor of point-and-shoots in September of 2010 is likely due to the acquisition of a new and exciting point-and-shoot at that time.

graph by time of day and type of camera

I seem to be using SLRs more and more as time advances, from 7 am to midnight. There is an apparent sharp break in favor of P&Ss at 2 am, and a pit at 5 am: those are not statistically significant, given the low number of samples taken at night, as the first figure above indicates.

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