# $Id: muttrc,v 1.138 2008/12/16 20:23:10 homer Exp $

set folder = /var/mail/homer/Maildir
set spoolfile = =in

source ~/.mutt/mutt-perso
source ~/.mutt/folders
source ~/.mutt/gpg-settings
source ~/.mutt/aliases

set envelope_from = yes
set mark_old = no
set charset = iso-8859-1//TRANSLIT

alternative_order text/plain text/html
auto_view text/html

ignore      *
unignore    From: Subject Date To Cc Bcc User-Agent Message- Reply-To
unignore    Newsgroups Followup-To X-Newsreader X-Source-Folder
unignore    X-Spam-Status X-Spam-Report X-Mailer X-Virus-Report X-Web
unignore    X-Item-Modified
unhdr_order *
hdr_order   From Reply-To Subject Date To Cc Bcc X-Source-Folder \
    News Follow X-Mailer X-Newsreader User-Agent X-Item-Modified Message X-

set move = no
set copy = yes
set record = =sent
set beep = no
set beep_new = yes
set read_inc = 128
set write_inc = 32
set help = no
set header_cache = /archive/homer/vcddel/mutt-hcache/
set header_cache_pagesize = 32768
set maildir_header_cache_verify = no
set fcc_clear = no
set quit = ask-no
set print_command = lpr
set mail_check = 4
set reply_regexp = '^((re([\[0-9\]+])*\ ?|aw|ant|réf\.\ ):[     ]*)*'
set display_filter = ~/.mutt/filturd

set reverse_alias               # unadorned e-mail address => name
set sort = threads              # sort = threads/date
set sort_aux = date             #
set strict_threads              # don't use Subject: for threading
set sort_alias = alias          # sort by alias
set narrow_tree = yes           # undocumented variable, it seems

## skip prompts when replying
set fast_reply
set include
set recall = no

set date_format = '!%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S %a'

# Default:         "%4n %2f %t %-10a   %r"
set alias_format = "%4n%2f%t%-14a %r"

# D:"%4C %Z %{%b %d} %-15.15L (%4l) %s"
set index_format = \
    '%5C %T%S %[%d.%m] %-17.17F%?l?%4l-&%5.5c?%?M?+& ?%s%> %?M?(%M)&%[%H:%M]?'

# Default: "-%r-Mutt: %f [Msgs:%?M?%M/?%m%?n? New:%n?%?o? Old:%o?%?d? \
# Del:%d?%?F? Flag:%F?%?t? Tag:%t?%?p? Post:%p?%?b? Inc:%b?%?l? \
# %l?]---(%s/%S)-%>-(%P)---"

set status_format = '-%r-Mutt %f [%?M?%M/?%m%?n?, N:%n?%?o?, O:%o?%?d?, D:%d?%?F?, F:%F?%?t?, t:%t?%?p?, post:%p?%?b?, i:%b?%?l?, %l?]-(%s/%S)-%>-(%P)-'

# Default:          '%2C %t %N %F %2l %-8.8u %-8.8g %8s %d %f'
set folder_format = '%3C%t%N %-32.32f %16s bytes'
set attribution = '* %n <%a>, %d:'

set pager_index_lines = `test $TERM = linux && echo 0 || echo 9`
set to_chars = ' +TCFL'
set collapse_unread = no
set markers = no                # no `+' makes URL surgery easier

set alias_file = ~/.mutt/aliases
set certificate_file = ~/.mutt/ssl_cert

set postponed = =postponed

## colors (hmm... magnifique)
color quoted0   blue        default
color quoted1   green       default
color quoted2   red         default
color quoted3   blue        default
color quoted4   green       default
color quoted5   red         default
color quoted6   blue        default
color signature green       default
color tilde     brightblue  default

color header black          white   .               # Headers are this color,
color header brightblack    white   ^Subject        # except for `Subject:'.
color header black          red     ^(X-Spam-Status:\ Yes|X-Virus-Report:)
color header black          red     ^Newsgroups:.*, # cross-posted
color header black          red     ^X-Item-Modified:.*True
color header black          green   ^Reply-To:      # followup header
color header black          green   ^Followup-To:   # followup header
color header black          green   ^X-Source-Folder: # set by Mairix
color header black          green   ^X-Virus-Clamfilt-Timing:

color status    brightwhite black
color indicator yellow      black
color markers   brightcyan  black

color index black       white   .
color index white       blue    ~r<1d           # posts du jour
color index cyan        default ~=              # dupes
color index cyan        blue    ~=~r<1d         # dupes du jour

## mail sent to me personally
color index black       green   !~l!~D~p        # to me, not to ml, not del
color index black       white   !~l!~D!~P!~p    # ... and not from me
color index black       yellow  ~P              # from me
color index yellow      red     !~l!~R!~P       # not ml, unread, not from me
color index black       green   !~l!~R!~P~sWedn~foverheard # NYC Wed. 1-liners
color index black       green   !~l!~R!~P~sone-liner~foverheard   # % 1-liners

## quick identification of some people
color index brightred   default ~l(~fLinus.*Torvalds|~fAndrew.*Morton\
color index brightred   default (~fDan.Pop|~fChris.Torek|~fBen.Pfaff\

## words to highlight in the body
color body  brightred   default Linus|linus

set delete = ask-yes
set tilde = yes
set allow_ansi = yes
set history = 64

## spooky key bindings: spam & ham
macro index,pager S "<save-message>=spam\n<sync-mailbox>\n" "move to =spam"
macro index,pager <Esc>h "<copy-message>=ham\n"             "copy to =ham"
# expire spam
macro index <Esc>T "<tag-pattern>~r >2w\n<tag-prefix><save-message>=oldspam"
# the narrow tree doesn't show dupes: sometimes the regular tree is useful
macro index,pager <Esc>t ":toggle narrow_tree\n" "toggle expanded thread view"
# new emacs-like key binding
bind  editor "\Ct" transpose-chars
# pass threads quickly
macro pager "\Cr" "<read-thread><display-message>" "read thread"

# related variables
set mbox_type = Maildir
set pipe_split = yes
set wait_key = no
set confirmappend = no

# collapse read threads when entering a folder
# (but blank the command line if I need to enter a username)
## thread-sort makes little sense in =sent
folder-hook .            set sort = threads
folder-hook =sent        set sort = date-sent
folder-hook !^imaps?://  exec collapse-all
folder-hook ^imaps?://   push ^a^k

# Use the `compressed' patch, for read-only boxes.
open-hook \\.gz  "gunzip  <%f >%t"
open-hook \\.bz2 "bunzip2 <%f >%t"

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