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Sunday bathroom service Matko after his first taste of root beer Jeff Foster, Dave Walker, Manuel Fähndrich, Tom Ball ultimate frisbee typical breakfast attack of the cheerleaders seriously, who would have thought that too many cheerleaders would be a bad thing? an army of laptops on the «Breeze around town» bus Valley Center mall Brentano's Waldenbooks bookstore Carson's trash room Carson at night Alex's numerous bugs cafeteria «storage» UO bookstore around campus «coffee will be served» backstage «(go)od morning everyone!» - in Erika's coding Jim, Carter - during the Last Walk Andrew, Jim, anonymous photographer, Alex making silly faces united we stand some dark place - See, Alex, it did come out, almost everybody hates us and went to a table far away after a Powerpoint crash, Ranjit Jhala resorts to handwaving PC market of choice Erika sleeping around campus Jim giving Reddy his «angry duck» tee Jim, Louis-Julien, Carter, Mystery Girl, Martin, Jan, Alex playing the last game