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Carson hall's dorms view from room B504 William W. Knight law center; where the school took place Deschutes hall «yield to peds in x-ing» Carson parking lot Carson's «all you care to eat»; regulation prevents us from calling it «cafeteria» evening walk evening walk evening walk dubious Oregonian plural (used consistently in the dorms) laundry room laundry room William W. Knight law center our meeting room William W. Knight law center Qwest public phone Kathleen, Bob, Dave, Jim William W. Knight law center construction work next to Carson Carson hall emergency stairs Knight's leather armchairs UO bookstore Carson's minimal-privacy showers Donald Duck pizza, Jim some lake Amtrak track at night Deschutes hall Hayward field Robby Findler Karl, Erika, and Brian watching Jim's «The Plan» hidden treasures Jesus praying booth Eugene Saturday hippie market hippies a yellow hydrant Eugene: «wash your hands!» Martin and Derek taking pictures lake unbuilt buildings Eugene's cineplex UO campus - sculptures